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I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

Closing Journal

December 9th, 2006 (02:49 pm)

Since I'm "officially" graduating as of the twentieth (note that I was done in July but my moronic school had paperwork issues so I couldn't be marked with summer semester grads) I've moved journals and won't be using this one any longer. If you're still by some chance interested in my madness, I can be located at fisher_queen Mmhmm.

I'd leave you with something profound but um...

Nitwit, Blubber, Oddment, Tweak?

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

Stuff To Do

December 6th, 2006 (02:03 pm)

current mood: crazy

1. Monty Python Presentation: Next Wednesday (Prepare!)
2. African American Literature Paper: Next Friday in office by 5:00 (WRITE. Twelve to fifteen pages!)
3. Postmodern Literature Paper: December 18th in office by 5:00 (WRITE. Twelve pages)
4. Mail Packages
5. Ebay Payment

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Everyone Look!

December 4th, 2006 (01:15 pm)

current mood: hyper

Look what I won on ebay!


I'm waiting for the seller to contact me now (via my mom's email since I used her account)

I'm so excited I can't think right now.

Up next is ordering my flag and clock and looking for a lovely little print of some of the natural landscape of Cymru!

Lancelot is laughing at me (he WOULD of course)and I'm too hyper to believe this.


Um. Have Ioan I suppose, he fits the theme of the post!

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]


November 30th, 2006 (01:06 pm)

current mood: accomplished

The edited version of The Care And Feeding Of Squires has been sent on it's electronic way to the Student journal and while I was at it, it had to get its own webpage. The formatting is all Vaine's choice. Of course. :D


Next up:
Write thirteen page paper for NEXT Wednesday
Python Presentation Next Wednesday
Twelve page paper for Paul Bruss, due Dec 18
Maintain Grip on Sanity. Somehow. If I had it.

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(no subject)

November 25th, 2006 (09:29 pm)

So metaquotes made the lj spotlight and I've just noticed. It made me grin thinking of Kielle.

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

RPG character type quiz

November 21st, 2006 (11:21 pm)

Read more...Collapse )

Considering...everything about my life, really, this makes a lot of sense. Have Lady Mary icon :D

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

(no subject)

November 18th, 2006 (01:51 pm)

I'm pondering leaving stories_100 I'm sort of bored with the idea lately, much as I'm thinking of dropping frisco_jack from Neg. He just isn't as much fun to me as Chris and with my ideas for another character to bring in at some point who'd get more attention than Jack too...Well...yeah.

And I've managed to get way behind at talking_muses so I should decide something about that too. I don't know, aside from Jack, I think it's because these are relatively solitary activities that I'm falling behind in them and losing interest.

What I really need is another rpg I think. I'll see once Camelot's got going...

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Meme from a few people's journals

November 16th, 2006 (05:06 pm)

Following are ten sentences that sum up my fandoms. Guess each fandom!

1. "We want our shiny toys back!" Silm fegie
2. "This is not Thomas Malory. It's not real history either but it's hot." King Arthur scarfman
3. "Day 56: Still not Captain"
4. "My evil spawn destroyed my world" Arthurian nlduffy
5. "Dude, where's your wig?"
6. "Chosen one? You must have been chosen to irritate me" Star Wars nlduffy
7. "Drunkeness, Debauchery and Nude Bathing!"
8. "It's like Jesus in a way. In a big way." Narnia serandesha
9. "I'm an orphan and I'm special!" verisimilitant
10. "I love her, but I also love her. I can't decide between them, let me angst over three books!"

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

You know...

November 16th, 2006 (12:12 pm)

current mood: pensive

Some people cry at weddings. I cry at knightings. There's something to be found in that statement about me somewhere. And in the fact that even this cheesy Whoppi Goldberg move (A Knight In Camelot) is making me sob uncontrollably for something I have never had, a place I will never see, in many ways, a place that never was save for the part that it has in our collective consciousness as something that, if it never was, it could have been, it should have been...I need for it to have been I...

I thought the breakdown over watching Camelot again now that these people have come to mean so much to me was bad enough, but now this...I think the fictions of a woman who found the place who felt and saw it, fiction though I know it all is...is just a little much for me to bear.

I'm seriously sitting here sobbing, my heart aching for this place I'll never venture, never touch...It hurts. It hurts so deeply and so fiercely that it feels like I'm about to break in two. How beautiful it must have been, how wonderful to see it, feel it, touch this place that exists in the realm of what might have been, what should have been, what is made real by those of us who so strongly believe in it.

I need for it to be more real than that or nothing else will ever be okay. Dammit, I think I'd be at home there, much as I would be in my beloved Riddermark, much as I only feel at home when I'm wandering around the quieter sections of the faire when only people who are garbed up are walking there.

I want to go home now. I want it so badly I...

It's the bringing it here that matters most now, even in some small insignificant way.

That's it. I may be too old to start, but I'm going for that knighthood, I am finishing my book, and I will make it live through my scholarly work and later teaching. I owe them that if nothing else.

Ask every person if he's heard the story
And tell it strong and clear if he has not,
That once there was a fleeting wisp of glory
Called Camelot...

I'm going to go cry again now.

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This is for you insane Neg People

November 15th, 2006 (01:24 pm)

Here. I read a tiny bit of Chaucer. And it suuckses!
I'm a dork. But I didn't have my London books with me and reading de Troyes in English feels wrong so...

159K 0:45
(no transcription available)

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

Heads Up!

November 12th, 2006 (12:27 pm)

Aunt and cousins and possiby married cousin and husband are coming over in a few hours so things here are chaotic and I needs must go with my mother before this to return a coat she's decided not to keep. I am going because my stepfather is in a horrible mood having flooded the basement yet again and I am not staying around for THAT.

I loff you people and I will be around later, well and probably for a little while now since the mother thing hasn't had a shower yet so...*nodnod* If I don't see you now I shall see you later!

There may be horror stories to come later on...actually I think this moving thing has made me want to write a book...something distinctively...postmodern in it's construct. Or you know, a crack fic about Gawain moving into his house...I'm not sure.

Something anyway... Maybe.

Remind me later to ask some of you people whether you'd be interested in arthurian_rp Oh oops I guess I did. Arthurian game in the process of opening. We have a tentative Gawain and Ragnell and Nimue and Morgan Le Fay, a definite Agravaine and Lancelot (My two!) and there might be others um...actually I'd contact modly lady who is listed in the info.

And um like yeah. Okay have to choose goldfish crackers for chex mix now so I'll cut off this entry and go bring them to my mom and then be on AIM for a little bit.


And have Lady Mary icon I haven't used her in a while.

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]


November 8th, 2006 (03:01 pm)

Summary from a book my book club is selling...
wtfCollapse )

Romance novels with Arthurian themes I can understand, time traveling Arthurian stories I can understand. Revisions I can understand but I think the vampires are where it loses me...

Hmm maybe Karikari would like this for Christmas...*ducks*

ETA: Anyone here read Temeraire?

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

Meme, swiped from Tosh!

November 7th, 2006 (09:46 pm)

Name a fandom, any fandom.

If I know the fandom, I'll tell you:

1. Who I love.
2. Who I want to stab to death in a painful pool of acid blood.
3. Who I would pair up.
4. Who I would split up.
5. Crossovers I would like.
6. The perviest storyline I can think of.
7. What I really think of the canon.

If I don't know the fandom, pick again

Do your worst. I will do mine. >.>

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

I'm not cutting this so there

November 7th, 2006 (11:31 am)

My Inner Hero - Warrior!

I&apos;m a Warrior!

I'm courageous, straightforward, and charismatic. I'm a born leader, but I'm also not afraid to face danger on my own. Nothing stands between me and victory... nothing that lives to tell the tale, anyway. If you need someone to charge into battle for you, call on me.

How about you? Click here to find your own inner hero.

I'd hoped to test out as Paladin but this works...

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

Quiz Spam

November 6th, 2006 (11:42 am)

Read more...Collapse )

Horse being one of my animal guides(as found through meditation) makes this all the weirder...

I use Lance S's icon cause um. YEAH...

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

Who is my Negability Boyfriend?

November 3rd, 2006 (01:01 pm)

Read more...Collapse )

Um. Man. Funny for a LOT of reasons here...

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

(no subject)

November 2nd, 2006 (10:23 am)

current mood: crushed

SuckyCollapse )

Have this icon, Vaine's the most depressed by this news.

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

To one Lancelot of Samartia,

November 1st, 2006 (10:08 am)

current mood: annoyed

letter to a muse. Unlocked for once but cut for yoouCollapse )

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]


October 31st, 2006 (05:36 pm)

pirate quizCollapse )

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

How can a girl who's from noplace north nowhere be a princess...

October 29th, 2006 (01:42 pm)

current mood: curious

So I've found what I think is my perfect audition song ever, right? Well I've only heard clips of it and can't find the lyrics online. Does anyone have an mp3 of or the lyrics to "Princess" from A Man Of No Importance that they would not mind sharing with me? Attempts to find the whole cd have been difficult, I think I'll eventually amazon it but in the meantime...

I'd love you forever...

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

For stories_100

October 24th, 2006 (11:54 am)

Title: Before The Duel
Fandom: Horatio Hornblower
Characters: Horatio,
Prompt: 030 Death
Rating: G
Summary: On Justinian,Horatio often thought of death...
deathCollapse )

Title: Oops...
Fandom: Horatio Hornblower
Characters: Horatio,Pellew
Prompt: 045 Guilt
Rating: G
Summary: Horatio is forced to take responsibility for some thoughtless actions...
guiltCollapse )

Title: No Hero
Fandom: Horatio Hornblower
Characters: Horatio,
Prompt: 089 Hero
Rating: G
Summary: Horatio is confused by the attention he's recieving after The Fire Ships
heroCollapse )

(there were two others that I'm ironing the kinks from! you'll see those later)

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

For Project

October 24th, 2006 (09:09 am)

Monty Python And Philosophy

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

to Do tommorow:

October 21st, 2006 (04:58 am)

Crack Van recs
Post Drabbles
Continue reading Porno(its a NOVEL, for SCHOOL, assigned by a PROF)

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

Friday The Thirteenth

October 13th, 2006 (02:59 pm)

current mood: irritated

Dear Lying Liarsaurus Editor,

Don't promise people shit if you can't deliver it.
Yeah you published it anyway and at least it's cash but um...
You also promised me the front page.
How does Health Care override the Grad students again?
I do not like you right now. I will stay on the paper, I will pretend to like you, but you know?
I don't forget.
No Love,

Ew. Irritated now. Even the prospect of partying in Hell Michigan later, if we go, does not make me feel less irritated with the man. This in a string of other stuff he's done to be irritating, like telling me I have errors in my work and refusing to point them out while every email he sends us is riddled with spelling mistakes. And other shit.

I respect the guy's experiance but really. Meh. Just annoyed right now.


I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]


October 11th, 2006 (03:36 pm)

Horatio has opted to join talking_muses and fish_for_it is his journal over there if anyone should be interested in friending him.
He also, sadly has no friends of his own over there just yet (we've just been accepted today but still) and is kinda interested in people from his world coming out to play. My boy is still Acting Liuetenant Hornblower at this point, JUST past The Fireships so I'm not sure how that influences some of you or not. But...

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

RPG Muse List For My Own References. Last Updated 10-11-2006

October 11th, 2006 (03:17 pm)

Read more...Collapse )

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]


October 9th, 2006 (10:52 am)

current mood: amused

LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Content to follow. When school has not eaten my brain! Ooh Jack (London) gets to rp!

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

New Journal System.

October 7th, 2006 (12:08 pm)

Okay. I'm going to try this. I'm not sure HOW it's going to work out so bear with me here while we work out the kinks.

Kari and I were tlaking and we realized we were a little tired of keeping up with fifty million muse journals so...to make things easier, my people will from now on be posting to
a new one. Anakin wishes to retain his own and I dont blame him so that leaves...

sarmajere the regularly scheduled programing
skywalking_ Ani's journal
in_sars_head EVERYONE ELSE
aislinscrossing Writing journal.

Mmkay. Yeah. That's how we're going to do it.

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

A few of you have done this meme on my flist...

October 6th, 2006 (11:47 pm)

And since I didn't wind up getting much luck with the one I tried to start...I post this one now!

Name a character from one of my fandoms, and I will tell you in approx. 100 words what that character loves best about another character from the same fandom. may be more, may be less. It depends.

Fandoms...Well you guys probably pretty much know those. Arthurian, King Arthur, Hornblower, POTC, Potter, Tolkien, Starwars, I MIGHT be able to pull off Firefly, Les Mis, others if you know I'm into them...

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

Fic: The Care And Feeding Of Squires, Arthurian

October 5th, 2006 (10:07 pm)

current mood: productive

Title: The Care And Feeding Of Squires
Characters: Agravaine, Gawain, OC
Summary: Agravaine and his new squire, Anwas have some issues relating to each other. Agravaine seeks some advice...

“AgravaineCollapse )

And look! Vaine even has an icon now! We'd known he was Jack Davenport for a while but had not found the right pics! Now however...*G*

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October 2nd, 2006 (06:59 pm)

Who wants to do this with me?

I'm sure one of you would like to claim a character to do 50 rp scenes with one of mine. They also have a ten rp challenge if its easier to start there.

I can offer various Tolkien people, Anakin, Horatio, Ed Pellew, Potter people (best to just ASK if you don't know) Jack Sparrow, Anamaria, Gawain, Trystan and Lancelot from King Arthur and other people from various Arthurian stuff...

Please someone. Please. Do this with me? It will be fun.

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

Things always manage to keep me from attending cons...

October 2nd, 2006 (11:51 am)

current mood: excited

But THIS time. THIS time the thing that would keep me from Nova Scotia is so so worth it. Here. I share the email!
Read more...Collapse )

Um. Like Whoa. Lancelot burst out laughing and grinning. Agravaine took a look at Cornwall, grinned really big and hugged me, and Ani is asking if this pans out, if we're prepared to move things up even more.

Just think what this could DO. Just think!

Um. Muahahahha. Way better than the Hornblower Con. Oh God Oh God Oh God. I HAVE to be able to go. I have to.

Here. Have Lancelot and Gawain icon, even though Agravaine is the one bouncing around wildly, I don't yet have icons of his new avatar...

This makes scrambling to set up interviews for my paper deadline Wednesday all the easier to bear.

Edit: And now the ELVES have seen and Maglor is crying and Maedhros is just...There's no possible way to describe the way he looks when he's happy.

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

On Writing:

October 2nd, 2006 (12:45 am)

current mood: determined

You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.
Jack London

Well. Now I feel a little ashamed. I think he'd disaprove of me. It's funny that the opinion of a man long dead does matter so much to me but...the long and short of it is...that man is right.

Time to make my literary hero proud of me...

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

Uhm Wow.

September 28th, 2006 (10:00 pm)

This is the best interactive fic I've ever seen. Its LOTR RPS and NC-17 in some parts so there's a warning for you people but you know, if you're into that and have time to kick around...

Yeah. Go check it out. It's totally worth it.

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

For stories_100

September 25th, 2006 (12:05 pm)

Title: Reunion
Fandom: Horatio Hornblower
Characters: Horatio, Archie
Prompt: 044 Bittersweet
Rating: G
Summary:Horatio finds Archie again, but all is not the same
bittersweetCollapse )

Title: Reunion
Fandom: Horatio Hornblower
Characters: Horatio, Pellew
Prompt: 058 Dinner
Rating: G
Summary:Horatio feels out of place at a social event
dinnerCollapse )

Title: Good Coffee, Stong Coffee
Fandom: Horatio Hornblower
Characters: Horatio, Archie
Prompt: 060 Drink
Rating: PG
Summary:Some things are better than coffee
coffeeCollapse )

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

FIC: One For The Road

September 23rd, 2006 (11:14 pm)

current mood: accomplished

Title: One For The Road
Fandom: Starwars
Characters: Ben Kenobi, OC (Non Romance)
Summary: Before Luke, it was just life as usual. Even when you saw someone from your past. Two former jedi, a wizard and a barmaid meet again in Mos Eisley.
Notes: This is my RPG OC Lassa yeah and this is the story I've been trying to tell for forever. I dont think I've done it justice YET but...here it is. Inspiration for Lassa becoming a barmaid comes from KariKari who suggested in a crack chat long ago. I dont think she knew the impact it would have.
Read more...Collapse )

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

(no subject)

September 23rd, 2006 (01:45 pm)

WTF KARI? It never told me you were on! I kept checking the buddy list, chanced upon a comment in that community while reading and resigned on and there you were. And we're leaving HERE at two thirty for food. How sucky! *sulks*

Edit Nori? You're here too!

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

It's been a year now, since you were here now...

September 23rd, 2006 (12:00 am)

It hasn't been the same without you. There's so much I never actually mentioned that you are responsible for. The whole reading the Silm thing which brought me the Feanorians, opening up the Riddermark and showing me the way to handle writing gracefully. I don't know if I've managed to get the last of those yet, but its thanks to you I'm trying to.

Thanks for all the life changing experiances, Kielle. I'm never going to forget.

And lj ate the entry when I was about to post it so that now it's showing up in today. Ah well, close enough, right?

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

Meme? Sorta? *G*

September 22nd, 2006 (02:24 pm)

Give me the title of a crack fic you would like to see. I will attempt to drabble it for you. (Names of characters are a plus! Kari has already claimed "Edward Pellew's Wig Collection" if that gives you a hint of what I'm looking for)

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

(no subject)

September 7th, 2006 (12:50 pm)

When your quest for a particular actor on google starts bringing up repeated pages in welsh, you know you've probably gone too far in your search for an avatar. When you start figuring out what the welsh MEANS by having stared at similar pages for so long, it's time to get a life.

That said, does anyone ANYONE have any idea of other actor photo search engines where I might find some lovely pictures of the alternative welshcake Matt Rhys?
ETA: Checking a community for his best friend DID offer help! Thank you Ioan Online!

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

For stories_100

September 6th, 2006 (09:52 pm)

Title: BFF
Fandom: Horatio Hornblower
Characters: Horatio, Archie
Prompt: 021 Friends
Rating: G
Summary: Horatio ponders his first real friendship
friendsCollapse )

Title: Not Only In Spithead
Fandom: Horatio Hornblower
Characters: Horatio, Pellew, random crew, for some reason I imagine Styles is there and I'm not sure WHY...
Prompt: 056 Breakfast
Rating: G
Summary: Horatio has an embarassing moment
breakfastCollapse )

Title: Dear Father,
Fandom: Horatio Hornblower
Characters: Horatio
Prompt: 078 Lies
Rating: G
Summary: Horatio writes a letter home
liesCollapse )

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]


September 3rd, 2006 (01:19 am)

current mood: nauseated

I'm in Saint Ignace in the Upper Peninsula right now, have been since yesterday, coming home Monday. And like stuff. the internet here is dial up and Im tending to scroll lj to catch up. If you guys really want me to see something, leave a message here so I can make sure to? thanks!

Note to self: Pizza is not a good food choice...even if bacon, cheese and mushrooms ARE okay by themselves...

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

Meme Leming

August 31st, 2006 (12:20 am)

current mood: happy

So there's this meme going around my flist wherein you ask me to list five things about a particular fandom/character/whatever (Example: Five ways Horatio Hornblower inadvertantly annoyed Edward Pellew, Five times Lancelot tried to kiss someone he shouldn't, Five articles of clothing Mordred would never wear)

Fandoms for this will be: Certain Slant Of Light, King Arthur, Hornblower, Potter, Starwars, Hitchiker's Guide, Wicked, LOTR, Silm and Pirate High Um other than that, suggest things and I'll see what I can do?


I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

My Ed Iz Pastede On Yey!

August 30th, 2006 (03:16 am)

current mood: artistic

You know. This photo edit is all far_from_gondor's fault. We were discussing Edward Pellew as a Midshipman one night and, posessing a picture of young Robert Lindsay snagged from Horations and lots of various Hornblower pics..You can imagine what happened next.
I am so ashamed omg!
Obviously clicking makes bigger should you wish to.
mr midshipman pellewCollapse )

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

The State Of The Sarikari

August 29th, 2006 (04:33 pm)

KariKari: what the crap we're living in a 1980s children's cartoon
KariKari: with added incest, violence, and polyamory

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

For my own reference!

August 28th, 2006 (01:39 am)

Character List
Read more...Collapse )

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]


August 25th, 2006 (07:50 pm)

current mood: okay

Hair is cut and dyed and my braid is back in full prominence which makes me quite happy, though not as happy as the fact that I've acquired a copy of Mr. Midshipman Hornblower at long last and I find that where six or seven years ago where I could not get through the first few pages for prose and terminology I'm racing along through it, wondering what on earth I found so difficult about it.

Doesn't hurt either that the experiance has been made vastly more amusing by the presence of the people in my head and my new ability to make fun of them. Ah Horatio, you're even more delightfully awkward and adorable here than I have thus seen so far. Even if you are never allowed to come to the mall again.

On the other hand, that decreee has never really stopped Anakin so who knows? Such is life. Or something.

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

New Look

August 20th, 2006 (11:13 pm)

current mood: productive

So I changed the look of this lj a little...A lot. With Hornblower theming thanks to a lovely moodthemes set I found! And like stuff...mmhhmm.

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

Tall Ships!

August 19th, 2006 (08:28 pm)

So today I was out in Port Huron about an hour and a half away, seeing tall ships, buying tall ship merchandise and hanging out with my seafaring type muses.

Here are SOME of my pics. There's a few more that I didnt upload.


Yes that IS a Welsh tshirt I'm wearing. iamsuchageekomg...

I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy [userpic]

I have had it with these muthafuckin' snakes on this muthafuckin' plane!

August 18th, 2006 (09:18 pm)

current mood: bouncy

Oh Man. Snakes On A Plane kicked so much ass. There were about twenty of us in the theatre at the four fifteen show and about half of us started laughing hysterically the minute the title came up, at Sam's first entrance and the entrances of the various snakes.

Best movie I've seen this year, I liked it far better than POTC2 even (which I DID love but...) Awesome, Awesome Awesome. So much love for this hysterical film.

So when are YOU going to see it, muthafuckas?

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