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For stories_100

Title: BFF
Fandom: Horatio Hornblower
Characters: Horatio, Archie
Prompt: 021 Friends
Rating: G
Summary: Horatio ponders his first real friendship

He'd been a solitary boy, more inclined to conversation with his tutors than joining the other lads his age in any of the games they liked to play outside. Better to steal off with a book for hours, make up a fourth player when the minister and his wife came for whist or lose himself imagining that he was lost at sea. Horatio had never had the time, the interest or ability to make friends, which explained why he did treasure the one he had. From Archie's first smile at him, things had changed. He found he rather liked that.

Title: Not Only In Spithead
Fandom: Horatio Hornblower
Characters: Horatio, Pellew, random crew, for some reason I imagine Styles is there and I'm not sure WHY...
Prompt: 056 Breakfast
Rating: G
Summary: Horatio has an embarassing moment

Edward Pellew pulled off his soiled jacket then glanced toward his pale Midshipman. He tried thinking up an appropriate response, but none of those came. "What?" he finally managed, after a moment in which all on deck had fallen silent, "Was it you chose to eat before boarding, Mr. Hornblower?"
"Sir, I..." Horatio stood there, unable to respond himself. "I...eggs and coffee, sir." he answered after another pause, earning a snicker from the crew. "But I'm not planning to do that again."
"Indeed not." Pellew sighed. "But were I you, I'd learn to keep my meals to myself."

Title: Dear Father,
Fandom: Horatio Hornblower
Characters: Horatio
Prompt: 078 Lies
Rating: G
Summary: Horatio writes a letter home

There was no sense in telling him the truth, that much was certain. No matter that Dr. Hornblower would have believed every word his son saw fit to write, no matter how much Horatio wanted to tell someone just how much of a Hell this new life was, he knew he couldn't. After all, at seventeen, a junior officer in His Majesty's Navy and an adult now, he had a reputation to maintain. Well, so be it. Dipping his quill into the inkwell, he continued scrawling the words that he'd make himself believe in time: And I am very happy...
Tags: horatio, stories 100
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