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Things always manage to keep me from attending cons...

But THIS time. THIS time the thing that would keep me from Nova Scotia is so so worth it. Here. I share the email!

This is a letter to inquire about graduate student interest in two
linked study abroad courses to take place in Britain next summer
(2007). Prof. Craig Dionne will reprise his successful 2006
Shakespeare for Teachers in London course, which takes students to
London and Stratford with many opportunities to see performances by
outstanding theatre companies in both places. The new course being
offered immediately before the Shakespeare course will be an Arthurian
literature class, in which students will travel with me across
Somerset to locations in Cornwall and Wales, and end in London as the
Shakespeare class begins. Students may take either the Arthurian
literature or Shakespeare course, each 3 credits, or both for 6
credits. These courses are in the early planning stages. In order to
establish a timeframe, Prof. Dionne and I are interested in gauging
graduate student interest, particularly with regard to the teachers
among you, whose teaching terms would necessitate a July trip. If you
are seriously interested in participating in one, or both, of these
courses, please contact either Prof. Dionne or myself
Should you have questions about the potential
cost involved, I'm sure that Prof. Dionne could provide information
based on his experience this last summer--or chat with your classmate,
Kristin,who participated in the trip.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Christine Neufeld

Um. Like Whoa. Lancelot burst out laughing and grinning. Agravaine took a look at Cornwall, grinned really big and hugged me, and Ani is asking if this pans out, if we're prepared to move things up even more.

Just think what this could DO. Just think!

Um. Muahahahha. Way better than the Hornblower Con. Oh God Oh God Oh God. I HAVE to be able to go. I have to.

Here. Have Lancelot and Gawain icon, even though Agravaine is the one bouncing around wildly, I don't yet have icons of his new avatar...

This makes scrambling to set up interviews for my paper deadline Wednesday all the easier to bear.

Edit: And now the ELVES have seen and Maglor is crying and Maedhros is just...There's no possible way to describe the way he looks when he's happy.
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