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Friday The Thirteenth

Dear Lying Liarsaurus Editor,

Don't promise people shit if you can't deliver it.
Yeah you published it anyway and at least it's cash but um...
You also promised me the front page.
How does Health Care override the Grad students again?
I do not like you right now. I will stay on the paper, I will pretend to like you, but you know?
I don't forget.
No Love,

Ew. Irritated now. Even the prospect of partying in Hell Michigan later, if we go, does not make me feel less irritated with the man. This in a string of other stuff he's done to be irritating, like telling me I have errors in my work and refusing to point them out while every email he sends us is riddled with spelling mistakes. And other shit.

I respect the guy's experiance but really. Meh. Just annoyed right now.

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