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To one Lancelot of Samartia,

Not that you read english, but you know, I'm sure someone will translate this into Latin, or if you're in a mood to pretend you can't read(which we all know isn't true, your little friend Trystan(and God knows why he's going with THAT spelling these days but I can deal with it) has told me alll about how you learned to read just to read Castus's mail so...)

I understand that you're furious beyond all rational belief at him. I understand that you feel as if people are ignoring you now because of the scarring on your face, I know WHY it makes you feel like no one will ever love you, least of all him, and I know it feels as if he's leaving you again, as he did before you died in that last life but um...

You're letting it consume you, seriously. It's been like this in some small degree since before the...um...accident, but since then has been out of control. I understand you're angry, understand that you had no control over it, had no control over coming here and feel that you have no autonomy over your own life.

I get it. Really I do. But don't ever, PLEASE don't ever, terrify me like you did last night into thinking you were seriously leaving.

I've lost too many muses this year, a good deal of them bonds as well...I don't want to go through with that again with you.

And furthermore you are driving me NUTS.

And I'm sure Agravaine really DIDNT mean anything by kissing you, he was just very into practicing for the play and pretending you were Lisette. You do have the same eyes...

Look either you calm down, or we carry on like this until it has a bitter end. I don't LIKE bitter ends, I don't want bitter ends...

So stop it, would you?

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