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Dear all,
I am writing with an update regarding the Arthurian Literature in
Britain/Shakespeare in London Study Abroad courses in which you have
expressed interest. After serious deliberation, Craig Dionne and I
have decided to postpone these courses until the Summer 2008. There
are a number of crucial technical matters (health care, liability,
registration/accreditation) that need to be resolved and we could not
get a guarantee that they would be resolved in time for next summer.
We simply cannot in good conscience ask you to make choices regarding
your courses of study, travel plans, or finances (decisions many of
you need to make soon), only to let you down next spring.

Please be assured that this is a postponement, not a cancellation. We
remain committed to offering these courses and making such courses a
regular feature of the English department's offerings. Please stay in
touch if you are interested in joining us in 2008. I must confess
that, like many of you, I am disappointed that we won't be winging our
way to Britain already this summer. But I promise that with another
whole year to work on it, I'll make the 2008 trip well worth the wait.

Christine Neufeld

I'm reminded of when my high school foreign exchange trip to Spain got cancelled. I know she says they're doing it next year, and its Christine who I've long had on a kind of pedestal, but I have to wait this long to study the one thing I care about, because this fucked up school never offers any courses in it any other time.

If I had some ASSURANCE that it was going to happen, I might feel a little better about the whole thing.


Looks like maybe Nova Scotia next September after all.

Have this icon, Vaine's the most depressed by this news.
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