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Summary from a book my book club is selling...
Lark McGuin is a modern-day mage whose confidence has been severely shaken by a vicious vampire attack. But the feelings of helplessness and fear that plague her pale in comparison to the desire stirred by her new partner. Gawain—a dashing knight who has come from Avalon through a dimensional gate—is bent on seducing her every chance he gets....

Gawain is not only one of King Arthur's most trusted men, but like all the Knights of the Round Table, he is a vampire whose goal is to protect mankind from evil. With his dragon-imbued sword, the renowned warrior must destroy the third and last Black Grail and save Avalon from the sorcerer who seeks its ruin, and he needs Lark's help. Though her reluctance makes his heart ache, Gawain won't rest until he has secured the bewitching beauty's cooperation…any way he can. Warning: Explicit sex. (Approx. 320 pp.) 2006.

Romance novels with Arthurian themes I can understand, time traveling Arthurian stories I can understand. Revisions I can understand but I think the vampires are where it loses me...

Hmm maybe Karikari would like this for Christmas...*ducks*

ETA: Anyone here read Temeraire?
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