I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy (sarmajere) wrote,
I shot the Albatross...I did not shoot the deputy

Heads Up!

Aunt and cousins and possiby married cousin and husband are coming over in a few hours so things here are chaotic and I needs must go with my mother before this to return a coat she's decided not to keep. I am going because my stepfather is in a horrible mood having flooded the basement yet again and I am not staying around for THAT.

I loff you people and I will be around later, well and probably for a little while now since the mother thing hasn't had a shower yet so...*nodnod* If I don't see you now I shall see you later!

There may be horror stories to come later on...actually I think this moving thing has made me want to write a book...something distinctively...postmodern in it's construct. Or you know, a crack fic about Gawain moving into his house...I'm not sure.

Something anyway... Maybe.

Remind me later to ask some of you people whether you'd be interested in arthurian_rp Oh oops I guess I did. Arthurian game in the process of opening. We have a tentative Gawain and Ragnell and Nimue and Morgan Le Fay, a definite Agravaine and Lancelot (My two!) and there might be others um...actually I'd contact modly lady who is listed in the info.

And um like yeah. Okay have to choose goldfish crackers for chex mix now so I'll cut off this entry and go bring them to my mom and then be on AIM for a little bit.


And have Lady Mary icon I haven't used her in a while.
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