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Closing Journal

Since I'm "officially" graduating as of the twentieth (note that I was done in July but my moronic school had paperwork issues so I couldn't be marked with summer semester grads) I've moved journals and won't be using this one any longer. If you're still by some chance interested in my madness, I can be located at fisher_queen Mmhmm.

I'd leave you with something profound but um...

Nitwit, Blubber, Oddment, Tweak?

Stuff To Do

1. Monty Python Presentation: Next Wednesday (Prepare!)
2. African American Literature Paper: Next Friday in office by 5:00 (WRITE. Twelve to fifteen pages!)
3. Postmodern Literature Paper: December 18th in office by 5:00 (WRITE. Twelve pages)
4. Mail Packages
5. Ebay Payment
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Lance S hot

Everyone Look!

Look what I won on ebay!

I'm waiting for the seller to contact me now (via my mom's email since I used her account)

I'm so excited I can't think right now.

Up next is ordering my flag and clock and looking for a lovely little print of some of the natural landscape of Cymru!

Lancelot is laughing at me (he WOULD of course)and I'm too hyper to believe this.


Um. Have Ioan I suppose, he fits the theme of the post!
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agravaine porn


The edited version of The Care And Feeding Of Squires has been sent on it's electronic way to the Student journal and while I was at it, it had to get its own webpage. The formatting is all Vaine's choice. Of course. :D

Next up:
Write thirteen page paper for NEXT Wednesday
Python Presentation Next Wednesday
Twelve page paper for Paul Bruss, due Dec 18
Maintain Grip on Sanity. Somehow. If I had it.
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(no subject)

I'm pondering leaving stories_100 I'm sort of bored with the idea lately, much as I'm thinking of dropping frisco_jack from Neg. He just isn't as much fun to me as Chris and with my ideas for another character to bring in at some point who'd get more attention than Jack too...Well...yeah.

And I've managed to get way behind at talking_muses so I should decide something about that too. I don't know, aside from Jack, I think it's because these are relatively solitary activities that I'm falling behind in them and losing interest.

What I really need is another rpg I think. I'll see once Camelot's got going...

Meme from a few people's journals

Following are ten sentences that sum up my fandoms. Guess each fandom!

1. "We want our shiny toys back!" Silm fegie
2. "This is not Thomas Malory. It's not real history either but it's hot." King Arthur scarfman
3. "Day 56: Still not Captain"
4. "My evil spawn destroyed my world" Arthurian nlduffy
5. "Dude, where's your wig?"
6. "Chosen one? You must have been chosen to irritate me" Star Wars nlduffy
7. "Drunkeness, Debauchery and Nude Bathing!"
8. "It's like Jesus in a way. In a big way." Narnia serandesha
9. "I'm an orphan and I'm special!" verisimilitant
10. "I love her, but I also love her. I can't decide between them, let me angst over three books!"

You know...

Some people cry at weddings. I cry at knightings. There's something to be found in that statement about me somewhere. And in the fact that even this cheesy Whoppi Goldberg move (A Knight In Camelot) is making me sob uncontrollably for something I have never had, a place I will never see, in many ways, a place that never was save for the part that it has in our collective consciousness as something that, if it never was, it could have been, it should have been...I need for it to have been I...

I thought the breakdown over watching Camelot again now that these people have come to mean so much to me was bad enough, but now this...I think the fictions of a woman who found the place who felt and saw it, fiction though I know it all just a little much for me to bear.

I'm seriously sitting here sobbing, my heart aching for this place I'll never venture, never touch...It hurts. It hurts so deeply and so fiercely that it feels like I'm about to break in two. How beautiful it must have been, how wonderful to see it, feel it, touch this place that exists in the realm of what might have been, what should have been, what is made real by those of us who so strongly believe in it.

I need for it to be more real than that or nothing else will ever be okay. Dammit, I think I'd be at home there, much as I would be in my beloved Riddermark, much as I only feel at home when I'm wandering around the quieter sections of the faire when only people who are garbed up are walking there.

I want to go home now. I want it so badly I...

It's the bringing it here that matters most now, even in some small insignificant way.

That's it. I may be too old to start, but I'm going for that knighthood, I am finishing my book, and I will make it live through my scholarly work and later teaching. I owe them that if nothing else.

Ask every person if he's heard the story
And tell it strong and clear if he has not,
That once there was a fleeting wisp of glory
Called Camelot...

I'm going to go cry again now.
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